No more irregular income. Period.

For freelancers making more than $50k per year.
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$25/month membership includes:

Smooth out lumpy income automatically

We will monitor your income from all sources and give you a monthly top-up whenever your freelance monthly income dips below your agreed upon base amount. In months where you earn more than your base amount, you can automatically pay back all or a portion of your balances owing.

There is no interest or extra fees, it’s all included in your membership fee. Seriously, there is no catch, it’s just that easy to get peace of mind!
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Take control of your finances with a  business bank account

Easily manage your freelance finances with our dedicated business bank account and Visa debit card, saving you time and hassle. Organize your income and business expenses, and manage your income top-ups and repayments all from one account.
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Manage your finances in one sleek dashboard

Link all your accounts and see your freelance income in one place, with smart tools and calculators.
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Earn rewards on the things freelancers care about

Get exclusive partner perks and rewards with your membership on the things that you need to run your freelance business. 
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Here's what freelancers have to say

As a freelancer, my lumpy income causes me stress and I don't always have enough money to cover my bills. Having Income Smoothing will be a huge help and give me peace of mind every month.
-Muhammad Ukasha
Freelance Designer, Portfolio
My irregular income makes it hard to keep track of my finances. Control's membership will give me stability and make it easier to organize my cashflow.
-Colton Duncan
Freelance Consultant, Portfolio

The (not so) fine print



In order to qualify for a membership, you’ll need to be a freelancer making at least $50,000 per year.  We will look at your work profile, expected and actual income, and tax forms to approve your membership.  We’ll also request a credit check to make sure there is no fraud, identify theft and too many financial liabilities. 


We want to give freelancers peace of mind and change how people borrow money. Income Smoothing is not a traditional loan with an interest rate because we think interest rates cause too much stress. Included in your monthly membership fee is this peace of mind to borrow money when needed at no extra cost. Seriously, there are no extra fees. We make money by taking a portion of the membership fee, but that’s it. 

Repayment Timing

You’ll only pay back your outstanding balance in months when you make more than your agreed upon baseline income. If you have a few months where you’re not hitting your baseline income, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for at least 12 months and we won’t charge you a penalty for not being able to repay.

Repayment Amount

In months where you're earning more than your baseline income, we'll ask for repayment of a portion of your outstanding balance. The repayment amount will be based on how much money you made that month above your baseline amount. You will be expected to give us a payment of 50% of the amount of money you made above your baseline income. For example, if your baseline income is $4000/month and you’re on track to make $4500 this month, we will ask for a repayment of $250 towards your outstanding balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
What countries is Control available in?

We are currently only available in the U.S.

How do I qualify for a membership?

We’ll make sure you’re a freelancer with digital skills, like a digital marketer, graphic designer and software developer.  We’ll also look at your freelance income over the last year, what you expect to make and your last tax forms. We’ll also pull a credit report for fraud and identity protection purposes. 

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime by contacting us at Once you’ve cancelled your membership you’ll need to start paying back any outstanding balances immediately at the rate and timeline per your membership agreement. 

How much Income Smoothing can I get monthly?

We will give you up to $2000 at any one time.  That means if you borrowed $2000 one month, you can’t access any more money until you’ve repaid some of your outstanding balance.

What happens if I don’t want Income Smoothing one month?

If you’re eligible for a top-up of your income but decide you don’t want to take it that month, no problem.  Just let us know when we send out your monthly reminder and we won’t top-up your income that month. 

How much does it cost?

Control’s membership costs $25/month to access income smoothing, freelance business bank accounts, a Visa debit card, exclusive freelancer perks and discounts, and most importantly, your time and peace of mind. For now, our membership is free for all beta users for the first year. 

Do I have to pay interest?

We do not charge you an interest fee, simply pay $25/month for your membership. No additional fees and no hidden charges.

How do I repay my outstanding Income Smoothing balance?

We’ll securely monitor your income, and in a month when you get paid more than your base pay we’ll automatically help you pay back a minimum of 50% the amount of money you made above your baseline, and you can always pay back more if you want to. 

What happens if I can't repay my balance?

We understand freelance income can be lumpy and you may have periods of time when you can’t repay your balance.  That’s ok, just pay us back when you’ve got more money coming in.  If your balance is still outstanding after 12 months, we’ll have to re-evaluate your base amount and discuss an alternative repayment plan. 

Will this affect my credit score?

Getting income top-ups will not affect your credit score, unless in the rare chance that you refuse to make any repayments or to pay your membership fee.  Otherwise you’re able to access up to $2000 at a time without it affecting your credit score.