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What states is ControlHQ available in?
We are currently only available in New York, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Nebraska. We will expand to the rest of the U.S. in the coming months.
How do I qualify for a membership?
We’ll take a look at the type of work you do, your income over the last year, and what you expect to make going forward. We’ll also pull a credit report for fraud and identity protection purposes.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership anytime by contacting us at Once canceled, you will need to start paying back any money you owe right away. You don't have to pay it back all at once, but at the rate and timeline outlined in your account agreement.
How much of a cash top-up can I get monthly?
You can borrow up to $2000 at any one time. Once you've borrowed $2000 you won't be able to borrow any more until you pay us back some of the amount you owe us.
What happens if I don't want FlexCredit one month?
If you’re eligible for a top-up of your income but decide you don’t want to take it that month, no problem.  Just let us know when we send out your monthly reminder and we won’t top-up your income that month.
How much does it cost?
ControlHQ’s membership usually costs $25/month, but we're offering it for free for beta users. That gives you automatic cash top-ups when you make less than usual. It also gives you tracking of your business goals and performance.  
Do I have to pay interest?
We do not charge you an interest fee, pay only $25/month for your membership. No extra fees and no hidden charges.
How do I repay my outstanding FlexCredit balance?
We’ll track your income, and in months when you make more than usual we’ll help you pay back what you owe. You'll need to pay us the amount more than your usual monthly income or the money owing, whichever is less.
What happens if I can't repay my balance?
We understand freelance income can be lumpy and you may have periods of time when you can’t repay your balance.  That’s ok, just pay us back when you’ve got more money coming in.  If your balance is still outstanding after 12 months, we’ll have to re-evaluate your base amount and discuss an alternative repayment plan.
Will this affect my credit score?
Submitting your application will not affect your credit score. We will do a soft credit check to see if you qualify and this does not affect your credit score or cost you money.If you're approved, we’ll do a hard pull with the credit bureau. This may affect your credit score like other types of credit. 
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