Automatic cash top-ups, expense management and business insights all in one place.

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automatic monthly cash top-ups THAT YOU PAY BACK WHEN YOU GET PAID

Let us be your financial safety net so you don't have to worry about not having enough to pay your bills. Get predictable cash flow with top-ups in months when you make less than usual. Cash will show up in your account at the end of the month if you fall short, so your life doesn't have to skip a beat. Keep your income as predictable as your monthly bills.

Don't worry about paying us back until you make more than your monthly income.

Flexible Payments that work the way you do

Don't worry about paying back your outstanding balances until you're making money again. Stress less knowing you only have to pay us back in months when you make more than your base amount.

Interest payments can also cause a lot of stress, so we got rid of those, too! There is no interest or extra fees on top of your outstanding balance, it's all included in your monthly subscription.

Seriously, no catch, it’s just that easy to get peace of mind!


No more worrying about your expenses. Save time and money by easily tagging and tracking all of your business expenses. Stress less and never miss another tax deduction!

A screenshot of the Control apps dashboard


Managing your business cash flow and financial goals is confusing and time consuming. Link your bank accounts and track your revenue, expenses and net income.  Get a view of your business performance and plan for your future by saving for your goals on your schedule.

Don't hold back on saving for your future because you're worried about your cash flow today.

automatic tax calculations and payments - Coming soon!

No more sleepless nights worrying about your taxes. We'll calculate how much you owe for your quarterly and annual tax payments, and we'll help you pay it!

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the (not so) fine print



Our services are best suited to self employed professionals. To qualify for our services, you'll need to be a US taxpayer making at least $40,000 per year. We will look at your work profile, income and credit report to approve your application.



Your monthly subscription fee gives you automatic cash top-ups. It also gives you an ability to easily track your business goals and performance.  We don't charge extra stressful fees or interest rates. We make money from the subscription fee, and that’s it. For now, we're giving this to beta users for free for the first year.


Payback Timing

Repayment is set based on when you make money. You’ll only pay back the money you owe in months when you make more than your usual monthly income. If you have a few months where you are making less than usual, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for up to 12 months.


Payback Amount

You don't have to stress about paying us back. In months where you make more than your average monthly income, we'll ask you to pay back the money you owe us. You'll need to pay us the amount more than your usual monthly income or the money owing, whichever is less.  Let's say you usually make $4000/month. If you made $4500 this month, and your outstanding balance is $1000, we will ask for you to pay us $500.

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